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Liquid Applied Membrane Waterproofing

Liquid Applied Membrane Waterproofing systems are Type A: External Barrier Systems in accordance with BS 8102:2009.

There are many different types of liquid applied membranes including polymer modified bitumens(such as Remmers Profitight), to very high performance 2-component polyurethanes and other complex polymer waterproofing resins.

The polymer modified bitumen waterproofing products have now largely replaced the traditional bitumen and pitch based materials due to their easier application and increased flexibility - Remmers Profitight is probably the best example available on the market today.

Sika Inertol 49W Thick is a high performance bitumen based LAM that is designed for use in contact with drinking water (DWI Approved).

The other single compoent liquid applied membranes including single component PU products are not recommended by NCC Basement Waterproofing as their function and durability is questionable in many situations.

High performance 2 component polyurethane waterproofing materials are usually only applied by trained and experienced Specialist Waterproofing Contractors, using suitable high performance hot or cold 2 component spray equipment, such as the Graco King or Hydrocat. For any of these specialist materials or requirements please contact any of our offices and one of our technical experts will assist you.

Profi Tight 2K

Profi Tight is a two component thck bitumen emulsion and cement based combination, which is used as a waterproofing solution for the below ground surfaces of concrete and masonry.

Profi Tight powder and emulsion are thoroughly mixed together in the metal pail it is supplied in and then applied by slurry brush or trowel as required, directly to the levelled and primed surfaces. As it is a bitumen emulsion all of the tools and equipment used can be easily cleaned with water.

Aida Kiesol is used as the priming solution on the substrates first and a distinct advantage of Profi Tight is the lack of any stong odours or the flammable risks associated with many traditional 'bitumen based' waterproofing solutions.

Prof Tight is high build, flexible, extremely tough and highly resistant to backfilling materials and compatible with all types of dranage systems and waterproofing protection boards.

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Inertol Poxitar

Inertol Poxitar was formerly known as Inertol Poxitar F and is one of the worlds most widely used highly protective coatings for liquid applied waterproofing on concrete and steel structures, particulalry hydraulic structures and marine defences; with a global track record for more tham 30 years.

Well known UK references for Inertol Poxitar include the Cardiff Bay Barrage and the Thames barrier, plus contless other structures throughout the Water Industry (dirty water), British Waterways and probably every port, harbour and pier structure in the country.

Inertol Poxitar is a completely tar-free, 2 component, epoxy resin and anthracene oil based material with special fillers and is solvent free with 100% volume solids.

Application can be made on damp or wet surfaces (by brush) and even underwater with special equipment (please call any of our offices for advice in these situations.)

Inertol Poxitar is naturally black, but it is also available in a red brown tinted grade to assist quality control in cases where multiple applications are require i.e. in high exposure to aggressive liquids or wave action situations for example.

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Sikagard 62

Sikagard 62 is an advanced, high build, solvent free, 2 component epoxy resin based coating that is used as a top coating system to ensure that basement areas or areas below ground in other structures are completely vaapur tight i.e in accordance with grade 4 requirements of BS 8102:1990 and Grade 3 with 'Controlled Environment Requirements' of BS 8102: 2009 Revised.

Sikagard 62 is mixed using an electric drill and helical paddle mixer (available under the Ancillaries Category of this website) and applied in at least 2 coats (using different colours for control), by brush, roller or spray.

As Sikagard 62 is envirnmentally friendly and non toxic when cured, it is also DWI Approved for use in contact with drinking water and has been widely used for the final protective internal waterproofing topcoat in reservoirs, potable water tanks and aquariums - The London Aquarium and the Plymouth Sealife Centre are well known examples of this, in addition to countless basement rooms refurbished and waterproofed with Sika systems, then made vapour tight with ultra reliable Sikagard 62.(typically for use as archive storage areas, electrical control and switchgear areas, retail units or other valuable commercial or residential space.

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Sikagard 63N

Sikagard 63N is an extemely tough and chemically resisitant waterproof and vapour proof coating system

Sikagard 63N is used in waterproofing systems for new and refurbishment projects, as the protective, vapour proof top coat when the surface may come into contact with agressive chemicals - such as in sewage treatement plants and elsewhere in the water industry, plus containment zones or bunded areas in industrial or other facilities.

Mixing of Sikagard 63N is undertaken with an electric drill and helical mixing paddle (also available in this online shop in the 'Ancillaries' Category), application is also done in at least 2 coats using different colours for quality control purposes.

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