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Waterproof Jointing Systems

Waterproof Jointing Systems are Type B: Integral and Surface Applied Waterproof Sealing Systems, that are also known as watertight jointing systems including physical waterbars and waterstops.

The principal types of 'Waterstops' for construction and movement (expansion) joints can be classified as follows:

a) Passive waterstop sections:

These are polyvinyl chloride (SikaWaterbar PVC) or other synthetic elastomer based profiles (such as Tricosal Elastomer Waterbars)that are cast into the concrete and fixed into the structure on both sides of the joint, either at the concrete surface or mid-depth of the concrete section; designed to form a physical obstruction to water transmission i.e. these systems basically function by greatly extending the length water has to travel and therefore reducing the possibility of any leak occurring.

b) Active ( hydrophilic) profiles:

Preformed hydrophilic profiles or sealants (such as Sikaswell P or S) applied in the concrete joint at some depth in the section. The materials swell on contact with water; thus providing an enhanced obstruction to its path. They can used as a sole waterproofing material i.e in and around penetrations or also in a combined system with passive waterstop sections.

c) Permeable hose sections:

Permeable hose sections: (i.e. sika Injectoflex) are fixed to the construction joint surface before casting the second pour, to facilitate the injection of a specialist sealing resin into the joint, if and when required in the future.

d)Preformed Mechanical Expansion Joint Systems from Emseal

All of these different types of waterstops wand watertight expansion joint systems can be used to provide enhanced resistance to water transmission, in all of the different horizontal and vertical joints in a concrete structure, i.e. including movement / expansion joints; construction joints, transition joints, isolation or day-work joints, service pipe entries or any other penetrations through the stucture.

Due to the bespoke / custome design requirement for integral waterproofing systems (especially the preformed connection pieces, terminations and connections to other components), we do not currently sell waterbars and other integral joint waterproofing systems in our online shop, therefore please call any of our offices and one of our technical experts will be pleased to assist you and ensure that you get the right result on your waterproofing project.

External and internal construction and movement joints also need to be securely sealed according to the selected waterproofing concept with waterproof elastic joint sealants such as Sikaflex, or waterproof overbanding systems such as the well known and market leading SikaDur Combiflex System.

The sikaflex sealants are available to order onlibe below and for the SikaDur Combiflex System, again please call any of our offices for assistance.

Sikaflex 1a+

Sikaflex 1a+ is probably the best known joint sealant approved for use in the water industry and it is used as the internal surface joint sealant for movement / expansion and construction / isolation / daywork joints in all sorts of reservoirs, water tanks and other structures, when the joint sealant must be DWI Approved for contact with potable (drinking) water.

Sikaflex 1a+ is a single part, polyurethane based, elastic joint sealant that is designed for use in joints with up to 25% joint movement capability.

Sikaflex 1a+ is supplied in environmentally friendly 600cc sausage packaging (suitable for all standard 600 cc Barrel Guns), in caedboard boxes of 20 sauasages, to minimize waste and waste disposal costs for our customers and their clients.

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Sikaflex 11FC+

Sikaflex 11FC+ is a single componet, polyurethane based, elastic adhesive sealant that is incredible useful on waterproofing projects where it is obviously not sensible to drill and mechanically fix screws or nails through newly installed (or exisitng!) waterproofing systems - as this could lead to loss of integrity and all of the waterproofing costs and efforts being wasted!

Sikaflex 11FC+ can be used for many thousands of applications in sealing and bonding, or for fixing details or fixtures and fittings etc. - Therefore we always recommend that there are at least a few tubes available on every waterproofing project - Once used you will wonder how you ever did without it!

Forget 'No more Nails' and the like which are solvented, rigid bonding adhesives that embrittle and shrink - Sikaflex 11FC+ is permanently elastic - And in waterproofing jobs - always the 'Real Deal' and supplied in boxes of 12 x 310cc cartridges that fit any standard sealant guns!

Note for structural fixings or bonding in watertight areas we recommend chemical anchoring with Sika Anchorfix 1 or Sika Anchorfix 2, according to the structural / loading requirements (- these products are also available from this online shop in the 'Ancillaries' Category)

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SikaDur Combiflex System

The SikaDur Combiflex System comprises SikaDur Combiflex Strips that are based on highly elastic and chemically resistant hypalon elastomer(100mm x 1mm thick and 200mm wide x 2mm thick) and SikaDur 31 Adhesive, based on advanced, solvent free, 2 component epoxy resin (see seperate PDS in next Product - scroll down), that is used to bond and fix the Tapes in position, over-banding the joints to be sealed.

The SikaDur Combiflex System is renowned for durbale problem solving all over the world and in the UK it is particularly widely used in the refurbishment of service reservoirs where it seals and prevents clean water loss and prevents dirty water or pollutant ingress. It is equally reliable in basement and any other below ground structures waterproofing and refurbishment.

The size of SikaDur Combiflex Tape is selected and ordered according to the project requirements (please refer to the Product Data Sheet for the tape selection criteria and typical adhesive consumption etc.) and then the required quantity of SikaDur 31 Adhesive is ordered seperately.

Where necessary preformed jointing sections can be provided on request -Please contact any of our offices and one of our technical experts will be pleased to assist you with this.

Important: Please note that the 1mm thick strips (100 and 200mm wide) are supplied in 25m lengths, the 2mm thick strips (100 and 200mm wide) are supplied in 20m lengths. Please take care when ordering and therefore we prefer not to supply on line to avoid mistakes please call any of our offices andone of our specialists will assist you.

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SikaDur 31 Adhesive (Rapid GB)

Sikadur 31 Adhesive is used for the bonding and fixing of SikaDur Combiflex Tape as part of the complete SikaDur Combiflex System for watertight over-banding of joints in reservoirs and other water retaining or below ground srtuctures.

SikaDur 31 is a 2 component, solvent free epoxy resin based adhesive with special fillers and application properties that make it uniquely able to be applied on damp surfaces and bond the tapes to horizontal, vertical and even overhead surfaces.

In the UK below ground temperatures are generally at a reasonable contant 8 degrees celcius for all 12 months of the year, so the grade recommended for use with the SikaDur Combiflex System is always SikaDur 31 Rapid (GB) unless otherwise advised by one of our technical specialists for specific reasons on your project i.e in an exposed tank above ground during the summer, temperatures could be very much higher and dependent on the specific circumstances our experts may reccomend a slower reacting grade of SikaDur 31 Adhesive, but this would be an exception.

Mixing and application are detailed scematically in the Product Data Sheet that is available to view or download below.

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