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Ancillary Waterproofing Products

Ancillary Waterproofing Products from NCC Basement Waterproofing Site include materials for Concrete Repair, Concrete Levelling and making good prior to the installation of the selected waterproofing system; plus products and systems to provide remedial solutions for leaking joints, leaking kickers and other defective or damaged areas of a structure.

- Whether discovered during construction, or uncovered or caused by other external causes (such as rising water tables, structural damage or excesive loading, due to change of use etc.

These remedial solutions include all types of crack injection resins and grouts, together with the necessary equipement and technical training and advice; plus the well known Sikadur Combiflex Overbanding Jointing system which is ideal for providing watertight protection to leaking or damged movement joints, including those in drinking water tanks (Sikadur Combiflex is DWI Approved for use in contact with potable / drinking water.)

As some of these remedial and crack injection systems are complex or require specialist application, they may not be available in our online shop, so if you do not see the specific sytem or type of crack injection or sealing resin that you reuire on these pages, please call any of our offices and one of our technical specialists will be pleased to assist you.

Sika Anchorfix 1
For fixings with structural significance we recommend the use of Sika Anchorfix 2.

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Sika Anchorfix 2

Sika Anchorfix 2 is a structural grade chemical anchor / resin anchor that ensures that holes drill for structural connections and fixings through a waterproofing system such as the Sika 1 Waterptoof Tanking System, can remain completely watertight and sealed whilst safewly accomodating the desired structural loading.

Sika Anchorfix 2 is a 2 component epoxy acrylate based structural resin anchor, supplied in a single 300cc plastic cartidge with a static mixing nozzle, that can be applied with any standard sealant gun.

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Injection Cream

Remmers Injection Cream is a cartridge applied, silane / siloxane combination based injection material that is supplied in an advanced 'cream' formulation. This allows the product to be injected into holes drilled in the substrate to form a chemical Damp Proof Course (DPC).

The silane/ siloxane combination is hydrophobic (repels water), but allows water vapour diffusion in each direction, so no additional problems are created, as they can be with vapour tight, silcone based DPC injections.

The unique'Cream' formulation of Injection Cream allows the material to 'stand' thixotrpoically in the drilled holes and it therefore has the maximum time to disspate in and through the capillaries to ensure the development of the optimum DPC or DPM in the walls. The normal waterproofing / tanking / refurbishment works can all then continue as required.

Injection Cream is normally supplied in 310cc cartridges that can be applied with any standard sealant gun, however larger cartridges up to 1 Litre are available for professionals on request - Please call any of our offices if this possibility is of interest to you.

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