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Remmers are a leading European specialist waterproofing manufacturer, with outstanding products for the external waterproofing and protection of new buildings, plus the refurbishment and waterproof protection of existing buildings which include: - Basement tanking systems that are cement based for internal application, or bitument based for external application, together with special systems for historic stone, listed buildings and other structures in conservation areas. - Injectable Damp Proof Course (DPC) based on the latest Silane / Siloxane techmology. - External waterproofing protection and fully compatible internally applied insulation (the unique Remmers IQ-Therm) Remmers also have the worlds most extensive range of products and systems for the repar, maintance, protection and waterproofing of all types of building facade - above and below ground. This includes products for use on concrete, render, brick, stone and wood - so these fully compatible solutions are ideal for use on mixed facades. These Remmers materials also use the latest water based, environmentally friendly technologies that have been developed in their waterproofing and building protection market. Remmers products are ideal for use on major commercial projects by our professional contracting customers, plus our competent DIY customers on their own projects at home.
Aida Kiesol

Aida Kiesol is used as a primer for many Remmers waterproofing products and systems.

Aida Kiesol is an environmetally friendly silicic acid compound based product that has excellent water repelling properties and penetrates deep into concrete, and other mineral substrates, reducing their pore and capillary size / volume through crystalline silicification.

This has the effect of greatly reducing their permeability and water absorption characteristics, plus greatly reducing soluble salt transmission and unsightly efflorescence for example.

This also means that Aida Kiesol is the ideal priming solution for waterproofing systems, as it extends the waterproofing function into the substrate and controls any moisture absorption by the surface, from any cement based products that are subsequently applied - again ensuring the highest waterproofing protection.

Aida Kiesol is very easy to use mixed 1:1 with water and applied by brush, roller or low pressure spray.

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Sulfatex Grout

Sulfatex Grout is a single component, polymer modified, cement based waterproofing slurry / grout mortar, used for damp-proofing and waterproofing basements or other below ground structures.

Sulfatex Grout is normally used internally in refurbishment situations, but can also be used externally,, or in new works such as for the waterproof lining of lift pits, water features, fountains, ponds or pools etc.

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Sulfatex Grout Rapid

Sulfatex Grout Rapid is an accelerated grade of the well known Sulfatex Grout designed specifically to provide the fastest cement slurry basement waterproofing and tanking system on the market!

With Sulfatex Grout Rapid your basement, or other below ground structure can be successfully waterproofed in ONE DAY - Please call any of our offices for specific advice and the method statement to practically achieve this on your project.

Aida Kiesol is generally used as the primer.

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Remmers Waterproof Filler

Remmers Waterproof Filler is a prebatched and prebagged, cement based, polymer modified waterproof mortar that is used exactly as its name says - As a Waterproof Filler.

Typical applications for this versatile waterproofing mortar filler, include the filling of large surface voids or holes during basement waterproofing and refurbishment works to give a uniform surface for application of a waterproofing cement slurry such as Sulfatex Grout. It is also used to form a waterproof coving or fillet at wall to floor junctions, or any other location where there is a 'waterproof filling' requirement, as part of a complete waterproofing system.

On concrete and brick surfaces Aida Kiesol is normally applied first used as a primer.

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Restoration Render

Restoration Render is a fine white cement based, polymer modified restoration mortar that is ideal for re rendering / plastering over other cement based waterproofing slurry systems such as Sulfatex Grout.

Restoration Render is ideal for restoring the original or desired surface profile and their is also 'Restoration Render Fine grade' available on request, which can easily finished to produce an excellent surface ready for painting.

Restoration Render is relatively lightweight and has an excellent open pore structure, which therefore also helps to retain and confine any soluble salt movements within the structure i.e. due to normal residual moisture and vapour diffusion.

Aida Kiesol is normally used first as a primer for Remmers Restoration Render.

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Profi Tight 2K

Profi Tight is a two component thck bitumen emulsion and cement based combination, which is used as a waterproofing solution for the below ground surfaces of concrete and masonry.

Profi Tight powder and emulsion are thoroughly mixed together in the metal pail it is supplied in and then applied by slurry brush or trowel as required, directly to the levelled and primed surfaces. As it is a bitumen emulsion all of the tools and equipment used can be easily cleaned with water.

Aida Kiesol is used as the priming solution on the substrates first and a distinct advantage of Profi Tight is the lack of any stong odours or the flammable risks associated with many traditional 'bitumen based' waterproofing solutions.

Prof Tight is high build, flexible, extremely tough and highly resistant to backfilling materials and compatible with all types of dranage systems and waterproofing protection boards.

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Injection Cream

Remmers Injection Cream is a cartridge applied, silane / siloxane combination based injection material that is supplied in an advanced 'cream' formulation. This allows the product to be injected into holes drilled in the substrate to form a chemical Damp Proof Course (DPC).

The silane/ siloxane combination is hydrophobic (repels water), but allows water vapour diffusion in each direction, so no additional problems are created, as they can be with vapour tight, silcone based DPC injections.

The unique'Cream' formulation of Injection Cream allows the material to 'stand' thixotrpoically in the drilled holes and it therefore has the maximum time to disspate in and through the capillaries to ensure the development of the optimum DPC or DPM in the walls. The normal waterproofing / tanking / refurbishment works can all then continue as required.

Injection Cream is normally supplied in 310cc cartridges that can be applied with any standard sealant gun, however larger cartridges up to 1 Litre are available for professionals on request - Please call any of our offices if this possibility is of interest to you.

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